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Cathexis Psychotherapy provides, through ‘The Clinic’, direct access to advanced treatment methods that are based on the best available evidence, and designed to achieve the quickest possible relief and benefit while promoting lasting change.

Treatments Provided in the Clinic

We use a range of advanced, evidence based, effective and efficient treatments and interventions which are applied as first-line and second-line options based on detailed assessment and evaluation:

The Course of Treatment

Treatments are focused and structured, and follow a treatment protocol that guides the treatment process. Cathexis Psychotherapy holds a register of treatments we provide containing treatment protocols for any treatment offered. In this way it is clear what each treatment involves and the process that individual treatments follow.

Treatment length varies depending upon individual need and the pace at which treatment can progress. A very few sessions may be required ranging to a treatment length of perhaps 20 sessions. Occasionally treatment progresses beyond 20 sessions.