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The content and downloadable documents on this website is the copyright of the Cathexis Psychotherapy Services unless stated otherwise. All rights reserved. You may download material for your personal use. You must not copy, distribute or publish any material from this website unless formal permission is obtained from Cathexis Psychotherapy. The use of some content and downloadable documents may be possible with required licensing agreements which are available from Cathexis Psychotherapy.

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For further information on Cathexis terms and conditions you can contact the Cathexis Psychotherapy at:

Event Bookings (including courses, modules, workshops, and seminars)

Cathexis Psychotherapy accepts bookings and applications for events, including courses, modules, workshops, and seminars, where the booking, application, and payment acknowledges acceptance of cancellation policy.

Fees for events are as quoted at the time of booking or allocation of places and are due in advance. For events, such as courses extending over more than 1 year, fees are due in advance on an annual basis, and fees for successive years will rise by no more than RPI + 3%. For events taking place over an extended period, for instance 6 months or 1 year, arrangements may be possible for fees by instalments during a year.

Those wishing to cancel a booking or application with more than 90 days’ notice will be given an alternative date or a full refund. Those wishing to cancel a booking or application with less than 90 days’ notice will not in usual circumstances be due a refund. Within 90 days of an event a refund will only be possible where reallocation of the booking or application has been possible.

In conditions when insufficient bookings or applications have been received by the closing date, and in other exceptional circumstances, Cathexis Psychotherapy reserves the right to cancel or postpone events, including courses, modules, workshops, and seminars.

A decision of insufficient bookings and applications will be considered when the number of bookings and applications has not reached a break-even point, or in other critical organisational or financial circumstances. The closing date for bookings and applications will be as stated or otherwise the date at which an early bird rate commences.

In the condition where an event has been cancelled or postponed Cathexis Psychotherapy, alternative dates or full refunds will be provided. However, any other costs that may have been incurred, including travel and accommodation costs, will not be reimbursed.

Cathexis Psychotherapy reserves the right to make reasonable changes to the programme for an event even at short notice.

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