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Cathexis Psychotherapy provides high quality education and training to clinicians, enabling them to deliver psychological therapies that are based upon the most current and best available evidence. From its Derby City UK hub, and into other parts of the UK, we aim to facilitate competence in treatments for a spectrum problems and disorders at different levels of severity and complexity. Additionally we aim to support clinicians in practice through clinical supervision and continuing professional development. Underpinning the Cathexis Academy’s education and training programme is a commitment to research.

Academy Dates for 2023-2024

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Academy Dates for 2024-2025

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The Academy upholds a strong tradition in psychotherapy and psychological therapies in evidence based practice and practice based evidence. Process and outcome research are fundamental building blocks in the Cathexis approach to clinical practice and education and training. The Academy supports and develops projects contributing to the knowledge and evidence base for effective treatments.

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Central to the work of Cathexis and the Academy is the organisation of advanced, postgraduate courses to enable clinicians to develop high levels of competence in evidence based treatments. Alongside other courses our current flagship development is a Core Training in Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP), evidence based STPP.

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As part of an on-going commitment to supporting clinicians in practice we facilitate clinical supervision through individual and group contracts.

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Events, Workshops, and Conferences

Here at Cathexis we are dedicated to supporting clinicians in the provision and development of evidence based practice. As part of this commitment we organise stand-alone events, workshops, workshops series, and conferences to extend knowledge and competence in psychotherapeutic technique and psychological therapies. Workshops and conferences also serve as opportunities for professional dialogue and networking.

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