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Cathexis Psychotherapy is dedicated to providing high quality services in psychotherapy and psychological therapies. The Cathexis UK hub in Derby City in the East Midlands is ideal for coordinating and delivering clinical services, education and training, and consultancy.

Cathexis Psychotherapy provides, through ‘The Clinic’, direct access to advanced treatment methods that are based on the best available evidence, and designed to achieve the quickest possible relief and benefit while promoting lasting change.

Similarly Cathexis Psychotherapy provides, through The Academy, education and training in psychological therapies that are based upon the most current and best available evidence.

The aim of Cathexis Psychotherapy is to deliver clinical services, and education and training through Associates and Consultants, Advisors, and Directors. The work of the Cathexis Psychotherapy is overseen by its Senior Director and Lead Consultant, who is currently Dr Stephen Buller.

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Cathexis Psychotherapy is a social enterprise for evidence based psychotherapy. It is a not-for-profit limited company (Company No. 8079597), and income and funds are invested and reinvested in the work of Cathexis.

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