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Cathexis Psychotherapy delivers a clinical service firmly rooted in effective, evidence-based treatments. The Clinic in the UK has its centre in Derby City in the East Midlands. We provide treatments for a spectrum of emotional, psychological, and mental health problems and disorders. We also provide treatments for problems and disorders at different levels of severity and complexity.

"At Cathexis Psychotherapy we believe in the quality of clinical treatments based in the latest and best research evidence for effectiveness and efficiency, and in innovative education and training for clinicians in the delivery of these clinical treatments."

Dr Stephen BullerSenior Director and Lead Consultant
Dr Stephen Buller

The Focus of Cathexis Psychotherapy

  • Delivering evidence based treatments
  • Developing therapists for effective practice
  • Defining research focused governance
  • Diagnostic led treatments
  • Clearly defined and described treatments
  • Routine use and reporting of clinical outcome measures

Effective and Efficient Services

We organise our services within widely accepted standards that can be expected of individual clinicians and service providers. These standards include the use of evidence-based treatments and outcome measurement that ultimately lead to safe, effective and efficient services.

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Problems and Disorders Presenting in the Clinic

Emotional and psychological difficulties show themselves in symptoms which are signs of underlying emotional and psychological problems and disorders for which we can provide treatment options. Commonly these difficulties and symptoms will be based in anxiety and depressive disorders. Sometimes they can be signs of deeper troubles in personality and relationship disorders, and those rooted in trauma.


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Treatments Provided in the Clinic

We use a range of advanced, evidence based, effective and efficient treatments and interventions which are applied as first-line and second-line options based on detailed assessment and evaluation.

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Referral to the Clinic

You can be referred to the Clinic by your GP, or another professional who knows you. Alternatively you can self-refer.

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Clinic Enquiry

You can contact us in confidence to enquire about what we have to offer, and to take an opportunity for an initial conversation to find out more about our services.

Dr Stephen Buller

Lead Consultant

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Fees and Costs

Current rates for fees and costs are available on request: