Video Recording Clinical Practice and Video-Based Supervision

A Preparation Workshop

We are currently planning new dates to run this workshop. Please contact us if you are interested.

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Cost and Booking

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Workshop Content

This is a one day event for practitioners who are interested in video recording their clinical practice. Workshops will include practical demonstrations and interaction with equipment and technical procedures for recording, editing and review. Practical and ethical issues in patient engagement and consent will be addressed. Common challenges will be examined through role-play, and in discussion and dialogue. Uses of video recorded material will be examined, including uses in micro-analysis and supervision.

Supervision Workshops

Clinical Development Workshops can be combined with Supervision Workshops to further enhance practice development

More Details

A one day workshop for practitioners embarking on video recorded practice and its uses

Issues addressed in the workshop will include:

Practical demonstrations of equipment

Technical procedures for recording, editing and review

Practical and ethical issues with patient consent

Uses of video recorded material in supervision

This workshop will take place in Derby, close to the City Centre, and is for practitioners developing their practice in effective and evidence based treatments

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