Referral to the Cathexis Clinic

The first point of access to treatment in the Cathexis Clinic is through a referral.

Clinic Enquiry

Before you make a referral you can contact us to enquire about what we have to offer you, and to take an opportunity for an initial conversation to find out more about our services.

Dr Stephen Buller

Lead Consultant

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Making a Referral as a GP or

Other Professional

As a GP, or other professional, you can make a direct referral in the usual way. A referral needs to include details of your reasons for referral, any pertinent history of which we should be aware, and a postal address and telephone number for the patient. We will contact the person you are referring by telephone for an initial discussion, and to arrange an assessment appointment. Your referral should be sent to:


You can make direct contact with us if you want to self-refer. Referral email is opened only by qualified clinical staff. As a minimum you should include your full name, a postal address and telephone number. Some further brief details of your reasons for referral, and any other information you may think we will find useful, will be helpful.  We will usually arrange a telephone conversation with you in person, on the telephone number you give us, for an initial discussion. Your referral should be sent to:

Email us:

Phone us:


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