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Here at Cathexis we are dedicated to supporting clinicians in the provision and development of evidence based practice. As part of this commitment we organise events, stand-alone workshops, workshops series, and conferences to extend knowledge and competence in psychotherapeutic technique and psychological therapies. Workshops and conferences also serve as opportunities for professional dialogue and networking.

Spring Programme 2022

The programme of events in the next series is now available on the website and for booking.

  • Clinical Development Workshops
  • A one day ‘Video Recording Clinical Practice’ Workshop
  • Supervision Workshops
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Events include:

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Workshops for Specific Requirements

Our provision of bespoke workshops designed for the specific requirements of a range of organisations continue to prove popular, and score highly in evaluation. Providers and commissioners in the NHS, and other statutory and non-statutory organisations, are benefiting from the Cathexis programme of flexible workshop design.

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Academy Dates for 2021 - 2022

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Saturday 30th April 2022


Next Event

Clinical Development Workshop

Presenters: Dr Sharon Lewis,

Dr Stephen Buller, and

Dr Susan Hajkowski

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Intentional Selection of Interventions in a Sequenced Approach



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