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ISTDP is a form of accelerated treatment which enables positive change and recovery within shortened time-frames. Research evidence shows that ISTDP is effective and cost effective with a multiplicity of clinical presentations. Clinical practice in the method continues to evolve along with a need to identify clinical techniques and therapeutic mechanisms that are essential for effectiveness, change and positive outcome. Speakers will present their perspectives on the ‘main ingredients’ of ISTDP illustrated through clinical video extracts of their own practice. The immersion will be a forum to illuminate and discuss similarities, divergences and nuances in clinical technique and applications. The aim is to stimulate a productive and informative examination of various aspects used in ISTDP and to distil and highlight critical components required for change.

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Cost and Booking

Friday & Saturday 16 & 17 April 2021

Early bird rate: £280

(Non-early bird rate: £340)

Package to include:

Friday & Saturday 16 & 17 April 2021


Sunday 18 April 2021

Early bird rate: £395

(Non-early bird rate: £480)

Early bird rate ends on 1 April 2021

An Online Conference and Immersion Training

Friday 16th April – Sunday 18th April 2021

9.30am – 6.00pm

[times vary slightly each day]

International Speakers: Professor Allan Abbass,

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Professor Robert Neborsky,

San Diego, California

UK Speakers: Stephen Buller, Susan Hajkowski, Alexandra Knowles, Sharon Lewis, and Leo Russell

The Main Ingredients of ISTDP

Contributions to the content of successful treatments

Friday 16th April and Saturday 17th April

Principles & Practise

Allan Abbass and Robert Neborsky will elaborate and expand on key elements in the ISTDP model from their distinctive and important contributions to the field. UK Specialists in ISTDP will present further aspects of the ISTDP model and its application.

Sunday 18th April

Supervision Workshop

This workshop will provide an immersive experience enabling participants in an exploration of how the main ingredients of ISTDP operate in everyday clinical work. Places at this workshop are limited.

Download details Cathexis_ISTDP-STPP_Conference&ImmersionTraining_Poster.pdf More details



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